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I love stories: small, big, personal, and beautiful, touching stories. Stories that inspire and make you move, those that need to be told and make you smile or cry. I tell my stories through photography, mixed media, writing and storytelling. I photograph people and situations as they are, recognizable and sincere, reflecting their true intentions.

Trained as an anthropologist, HRD-consultant and photographer my heart reaches out to people and their drivers. Human behaviour showing emotion or a deeper cultural meaning also inspires my art projects, often coming from my own experiences, traveling and interaction with others.


  • Hanging out & doing stuff  – mixed media – photography and painting (2018)
  • Blessings from Bhutan (2017)
  • Cooking book – Love Food Culture (2017)
  • Love my dog – how people interact with their dogs  (2016)
  • Closure – a personal journey of taking distance and coming to terms (2016)
  • Moving forward – mixed media – photography and painting (2016)
  • Time of my life  – cities: abstract images based on chandeliers (2015/16)
  • Cooking book  – Lekker leven met een histamine intolerantie – (2013)
  • Passionate about people and their passions – portraits, poetry and stories (2010)


  • Time of my Life & Blessings from Bhutan, pop-up-arena kappers, Eindhoven, 2017
  • ‘Love my dog’ – Grand café de Bank, Best, 2017
  • Colours of Vietnam, scan design, Eindhoven 2010
  • Passionate, about people and their passions – portraits, poetry and stories. Museum de Vier Quartieren, Oirschot, 2010

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